Oil & Gas

Redefining automation
in the oil and gas industry

Today's Problem

While newer tanks and wells are being built with increasing sophistication, retrofitting technology that can accurately measure oil levels is cumbersome and expensive, while implementing more advanced automations is often impossible. As innovation in the industry continues, even newer wells are soon rendered outdated, as the rigid technology implemented at these sites cannot be easily updated. Without a more flexible solution, companies are left scrambling to keep up.

The Andium Solution

Andium’s versatile software provides an open architecture for the oil and gas industry that can help automate even the oldest of well sites.

With Andium, you can simply deploy, or use your existing industry standard sensors to collect, interpret, transmit and actuate on a variety of data. Whether looking to simply measure the amount of oil collected by a hauler, or automatically shut off a well based on oil levels, Andium provides you with a versatile set of options to meet your needs without requiring an extensive investment in new infrastructure.

True Flexibility

Once implemented, Andium can grow with you. Our open architecture provides the ability to integrate a variety of third-party technologies and sensors, even allowing you to run our technology on antiquated sensors that already exist in the field. Update your devices and applications wirelessly and painlessly like a smartphone, as well as add new sensors as needed, rather than having to undertake an entirely new implementation just to add a single function. Andium can push updates to devices based on conclusions from data analysis and continually create new ways to optimize your operations with almost no overhead.

True Security

Our military grade security encrypts data all the way down to the device level. With the vast amount of data processed and stored in systems today, security has never been more important. The Andium platform never sacrifices on security – it was designed and built from the ground up with end-to-end encryption using NIST compliant industry standards. With Andium you can be sure that no one will be able to access your infrastructure without your permission.

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